Helping create a safer internet is an essential part of cPanel’s mission, and that’s why we began integrating security extensions right into our product. We started by offering Imunify360, a robust and comprehensive security suite, as a featured product in 2018. Then, in 2019, we integrated ImunifyAV into all cPanel & WHM servers. Now, with the release of cPanel & WHM Version 86, we are pleased to include ImunifyAV+ as a product that can be purchased through the cPanel Store. These product extensions allow systems administrators to protect their installations and defend against cybersecurity threats directly from their cPanel & WHM dashboard.

What’s the difference between ImunifyAV and ImunifyAV+?

We have introduced ImunifyAV previously in Introducing ImunifyAV to cPanel & WHM servers, announcing that this security product was being integrated into all cPanel & WHM servers at no extra cost. ImunifyAV gives cPanel & WHM the benefit of automatic scans of hosted websites and malware alerts. Users of ImunifyAV receive notifications if any malware is found through the ImunifyAV control panel in the Files tab. Then, cPanel users can either clean the infection themselves or upgrade. 

ImunifyAV+ is a premium version upgrade that provides both malware scanning and cleanup. For users that upgrade to ImunifyAV+, the option to receive an email notification to the control panel’s administrator email address is available. With ImunifyAV+, you can automatically remove malware with one click due to the advanced file deobfuscation techniques. These enable the detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files and can clean over 97% automatically. 

Creating a Safer Internet

Stopping malware at the server level is a crucial aspect of protecting your computer networks, with 1 in 13 web requests leading to malware infection. The cost to the global economy is estimated to be around $6 trillion annually by next year, and the average time to recover from a cyberattack is 50 days. We want to help make sure that you stay protected by offering a variety of quality security products so that you find the one that is right for you. 

Since offering Imunify360 and then integrating ImunifyAV, we have strived to continually bring you the best in internet security. ImunifyAV+ is yet another way we are expanding our product offerings so that there is a perfect fit for any type of security threat. 

If you have any questions about the Imunify Security products we offer or want to discuss with us further, please join us on our Discord or subscribe to our official cPanel Subreddit!