Based on your feedback, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new SQL config interface in v104! This new feature was designed to not only save you considerable time, but also relieve the frustration of having to research and install 3rd party software and in many cases utilize the command line interface for the majority of SQL needs.

New SQL config interface

What exactly does our new SQL config interface do? The primary function of this new feature, aside from the overall look and feel, is that it will automatically provide recommended setting optimizations based on your specific database configuration. This empowers the user to take action towards optimization with no need to reach out for support and potentially experience delays.

This was all designed with an enhanced user experience in mind. For more information about this new feature, click here.

Upgrade to v104 today!

Start taking advantage of this great new SQL feature today by upgrading to v104, if you haven’t already!

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