It’s been almost two months since we announced the delay of cPanel & WHM Version 70. In that time, we’ve done a whole lot of work. We’re entering brand new territory for us, and Version 70 is at the center of it all.

Why the cPanel & WHM version delay?

In late January of this year, we found a performance issue in our backup system that we needed to address before v70 went to the RELEASE tier. Our research revealed the problem started in version 68, complicating the work further. As you might expect, it was critical for us to fix the problem. The work to be done was significant and required another round of testing. All of that together resulted in the delay that we have seen. We’re happy to say that the performance problems have been addressed in the version that went to the EDGE tier last week.

While we worked on improving the backup system, a customer brought another problem to our attention. An additional performance issue resided in the restoration and transfer system. Unfortunately, addressing that specific problem in version 70 at the time was extremely difficult and would have further delayed version 70’s move to RELEASE. Our investigation revealed that the same problem, however, was much easier to fix in version 72.

The New and Improved Version 70

All of that has led us to a new and improved version of 70. We have back-ported nearly all of the changes, updates, and additions that we had made in version 72 (which has been in development since January) to version 70. The resulting build of cPanel & WHM (70.0.29) went through additional testing, and we are happy with the results.

Version 70’s Journey Through the Tiers

Our plan for version 70 going forward will be a very cautious release cycle. We are expecting to push the updated version of 70 to CURRENT today. We are taking a deliberate approach in moving it to the RELEASE and STABLE tiers. For version 72, we anticipate very little change (except for the addition of the few features we’ve omitted), which will then result in a very quiet (and possibly shorter) update cycle for version 72.

We invite you to examine the version 70 release notes with new eyes, as much has changed since February. We’d love your feedback! Post questions below, or find us on the cPanel Forums. If you encounter any problems at all, our support team is here to assist!