This past week, we have been working to improve livePHP. For those of you not familiar with livePHP, it is a PHP class that allows access to the cPanel & WHM API1 and API2 system within an object-oriented PHP environment.

We improved the backend of the livePHP system to use JSON for socket communication, which utilizes PHP’s native JSON internally. Our testing shows that this is a great deal faster (3X) than the previous XML-based serialization with custom PHP parsing functions.

Our intent has been to maintain compatibility with the legacy interface provided by the cpanel.php class. However when changes of this nature are made, there is always a possibility of conflict. If you have an application, either for your internal use or public distribution, then we would love to get feedback on how this change has improved your product. We recommend that you submit a support request directly to us, so that we can help coordinate your testing. Please reference this article so that we can ensure your request gets the priority it deserves.

It should be noted that this is not available in public builds yet, so a ticket will need to be opened in order to coordinate your testing.