Though we have mentioned the motion a couple times before, we wanted to post a quick note for everyone now that we’re getting close to releasing cPanel & WHM Version 66 to our CURRENT tier and beyond.

Frameless WHM has arrived!

In v66, we have finally achieved our goal of removing the FRAMEs that separate the left-navigation area and top header areas of WHM from it’s main content area. This completes a goal we started pursuing as far back as v62.

Frame Removal Progression
Frame Removal Progression

When you update to v66 and beyond, remember to update to the latest supported version of any of the WHM plugins you have installed as well. Many plugin developers have already reached out to us and updated their plugins for v66, with more updates arriving every day!

What’s next?

We’re going to be giving the remaining integrators a chance to catch up to everything we’ve done during our development cycle for version 68, but keep your eyes peeled for an updated UI coming soon after that! If you are an integrator and want to keep up to date, make sure you sign up for our Plugin Developers mailing list. If you have questions let us know in the comments below, or find us on twitter: @cpaneldev.