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The hosting world is filled with providers, large and small, all supplying people with a means to sell their goods, market their services, and tell their stories. However, we know that behind the server is an individual or a team that had the entrepreneurial spark to create a business. In the first of our new blog series, Small Business Spotlight, we focus on Paul Rivero, an entrepreneur who uses cPanel & WHM in his arsenal of offerings to live a life of doing good; for both his customers and for the world around him.

Students Congolese Refugees
Students Congolese Refugees

Paul and his wife Olivia own and operate Pioneer Websites, a full-service web agency that handles everything from SEO to hosting. However, though Pioneer Websites is their livelihood, Paul explains that volunteering is their true life’s work. The pair, who met while volunteering in their 20s, have spent over a decade teaching and educating young adults throughout Australia on matters that range from general education and budgeting to spirituality and self-fulfillment. And while this may seem like a huge undertaking to the average person, Paul has spent a lifetime refining how to live his life’s purpose.

Liv teaching young girl
Liv teaching young girl.

In his early teens, Paul realized that he had a desire to live his life with a certain amount of freedom that wouldn’t necessarily be accomplished by going to university and then entering the corporate world. Throughout his early years, he spent time volunteering, learning additional skills, and starting his first business, a window cleaning service, suitably called Windows by Paul. However, it was shortly before meeting his wife that his technical skills grew, and he began what would soon become Pioneer Websites.

“I still remember the day I googled ‘how do you get a domain name’ and a myriad of subsequent questions surrounding hosting. It was only minutes later that I heard of cPanel, and soon realized it would be indispensable.”

Paul, a true student of the world, uses all of his experiences throughout life to continue to build his business and his customer base. He shared that the struggles he experienced in finding a reliable and economical host during the early stages of Pioneer Websites are what encouraged him to use cPanel & WHM to provide his customers with the best service possible.

“We almost always manage our clients hosting along with them, or even for them. It gives our clients peace of mind when they don’t have to learn and excel at something other than their business. They can focus on what they’re good at doing, and we’ll do the rest for them, right down to removing the burden of remembering domain and hosting passwords.”

When asked if he had any advice for budding entrepreneurs and people with the same desire to create a hosting business, he left us with these three guiding principles:

Stop and Think.
Assess what you are trying to accomplish before you go out and do it.

Go Gradually.
Don’t reach for the sky right away. Slowly add offerings and services to your toolbox.

Do Good.