A reseller account is a special cPanel account that gives unique privileges to its users. Essentially, it’s a cPanel account that sells other cPanel accounts. This means that it gives website owners the ability to also serve as hosting providers using system resources that they’ve purchased from their hosting providers.

Here’s an analogy:
Think of it like a sublet. A hosting provider owns a building (server) and he or she uses WebHost Manager (WHM) to rent out space to a site owner who uses cPanel. If this site owner has a reseller account, then they can further rent out the space that they’ve purchased to other people in search of hosting.

This tiered system may sound tricky at first, but its very beneficial. It gives any web tinkerer the ability to also become a web host, at very little cost. However, as their operation grows, resellers may find that they’re in need of virtual private or dedicated hosting. When that day arrives — cPanel & WHM will still be on their side.

Ask your hosting provider how you can become a reseller or read more about this unique account type in our Knowledge Base: