Get cPanel & WHMยฎ in Microsoft Azureยฎ Marketplace

Microsoft Azure combines the infrastructure and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities of Microsoft with the flexibility of cloud services. Scale up or down as needed while using enterprise-level solutions and the software tools you prefer. The Azure Marketplace is home to over 17,000 apps and services, supports all main languages, and is committed to security. Build, manage, and deploy with confidence knowing you're using the top technology of a cloud platform for computing, analysis, data storage, and networking all in one place.

Azure brings peace of mind with its hybrid cloud spread across a distributed global database centers in 140 countries. You know you'll always be able to run your applications on your device, no matter where you are.


Azure is Flexible and Robust

BYOL to Azure to start using the advanced features that easily integrates into your existing technologies and software tools.

  • Analytics in the cloud with Azure AI and machine learning

  • Over 90 Compliance offerings for user privacy and secure data storage

  • Easy access to localized servers with Microsoft's global datacenter footprint

  • Flexible pricing options lets you dynamically scale up or down depending on your needs

  • Streamline management and do more with smaller teams

Scale your multi-server environments to the cloud with cPanel on Azure.

Learn how to add cPanel & WHM to your Azure virtual machine: