Transparency reports are customer driven: your customers want to know in what circumstances you might disclose their data to governments. Governments also want to know how you manage their requests. Because of this, transparency reports have increasingly become something that distinguishes great companies from good companies. Indeed, groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation have begun to issue reports that award โ€œstarsโ€ to companies based on their commitments to transparency.

Why Transparency Reporting Matters
When companies publish transparency reports they demonstrate their company values, and commitment to protecting the rights of people who use their services. This is the case whether those reports focus only on government requests for data, or extend to other topics like intellectual property takedowns and terms of service violations.

For cPanel, transparency is a growing part of our company culture. Since 2015 cPanel has provided employees with information about its business and their careers. These reports include metrics that my colleagues can use to understand corporate growth, employee raises, career path opportunities and company-wide position and pay.

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