There are multiple factors that contribute to your hosting company’s success. One undeniable factor that separates good hosting providers from great hosting providers is the level of technical support they provide their customers. Providing customers with easy, fast solutions when they need it is the best way to increase loyalty, retention, as well as promote evangelism for your business.

We want to make sure your technical support staff is at its best, so we’re providing a nifty course of action to help you prepare your team to better support your clients. Check out our Training Game Plan below. Also, learn how you can partner up with the cPanel Training Team to augment and complement your current training initiatives.

Training Game Plan: Assessment

Step 1: What does your current training look like?

To determine this, you’ll need to take inventory of your current training efforts as well as how your staff is currently being trained for both cPanel & WHM and Linux. Questions to consider while taking an inventory include:

  • Do you have key subject matter experts that are responsible for educating junior team members?
  • Are employees expected to have a base level understanding by the time they start?
  • What things is your business doing to add to their technical knowledge?

According to Training Industry Quarterly, it takes approximately 1 to 2 years before an employee is fully productive. As you’ll find out in this blog, there are several things you can do as a technical lead to shorten this adjustment period for your staff.

Step 2: What is the single most important need that would be addressed by training?

After doing a high-level survey of your current training program, your next step should be to run a diagnostic to find out what is the most important factor or need that can be addressed by training.

What are the skills that transition your staff members from competent technicians to extraordinary problem solvers? Is it a robust knowledge of full system backups? Perhaps a strong understanding of the boot process? Maybe it is just getting a better understanding with EasyApache.

Once you figure out that detail, you can begin to optimize your training efforts.

Step 3: Who needs to be trained?

This part of the process can be tricky but will greatly aid your operations. Sort out who on your team needs to be trained as well as who in your organization has the time and knowledge to assist these team members. Consider whether this may lead to changes in their roles or responsibilities as well as their processes.

Step 4: When do you need these changes by?

Make a game plan for when you’d like to make these changes by. Assess whether your team members will be able to take time off of their normal duties for training or will you be incentivizing training with overtime benefits? Can everyone who needs the training be present at the same time?

Get Specialized Help from the cPanel Training Team

We have provided a toolbox of resources to help you train your staff members and better serve your customers. In addition to our Knowledge Base and Documentation notes, our dedicated team of training personnel encourages you to try our completely free online training program, cPanel University.

In addition to cPanel University, our team is also equipped to provide specialized webinars and catered lessons for cPanel Partners.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to improving customer satisfaction. Talk to your account manager or head to cPanel University and begin your training.