My husband will be the first to admit that he isn’t tech savvy when it comes to registering a domain, picking out a web host, and designing a site. I’m the Technical Content Strategist here at cPanel, so recently, when he asked me to help him build an online presence for his new law firm, I readily agreed.

To get started, I first needed to select a domain name and registrar. GoDaddy is a fun company and cPanel Partner that offered me a fair price, so I went with them. It pays to shop around people!

Before continuing, I wondered how my husband would go about updating this site once it went live, and it was in his hands. So I did a little (OK, a lot) of research on website builders and decided to go with Weebly. I found it to be the most user-friendly of the bunch and a good match for novices and experts alike. Even better, HostGator offers Weebly’s plugin as part of cPanel. Website builder, check. Hosting provider, check.

The final step was pointing the GoDaddy domain to the HostGator account. GoDaddy provides excellent documentation on how to set nameservers for your domain names. All that’s left now is to dig into cPanel’s rich, customizable feature set.

I expected a little legwork and decision making, but what I didn’t expect was how simple cPanel made the process. In fact, I’ve learned more about the platform through this experience than I have in the almost five years that I’ve worked for cPanel. Why should setting up a site be difficult anyway? Business owners have more important things to worry about, like engaging with their customer base. cPanel and the hosting companies that offer it get that.

Obviously, there are many different routes that I could’ve taken as far as choosing a domain registrar, hosting provider, and website builder. Everyone has to decide what works best for them and their business. I was most surprised to learn how seamlessly cPanel, GoDaddy, Weebly, and HostGator worked together. Between their forums, articles, and support, I was able to find the perfect configuration for my husband’s budding law firm. When companies put the customer first, everyone wins.

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